A report on IPM International Workshop on Plasma Dynamics

IPM International Workshop on Plasma Dynamics

Dates: December 15 - 20, 2002

The first IPM International Workshop on Plasma Dynamics started on Sunday, December 15th, 2002 at 14:00 PM in the Lecture Hall of the Qeshm Free Area Institute of Higher Education (QIHE), known as Kolah Farangi. The Workshop was the first of its kind to be held in Iran.

37 people had enrolled for the Workshop, consisting of 13 from abroad and 24 from different universities and research centers of Iran. All together 17 lecturers presented:

  • H. Abbasi, IPM & Amir Kabir U., Iran
    Electron-cyclotron waves at ion sound velocity.
  • R. D. Constantinescu, U. Graiova, Romania
    Nonlinearities in the dynamics of the ghost-type variables.
  • D. F. Duchs, Max Planck, Germany
    I. Is fusion research still necessary and promising?
    II.Present status and open problems for tokamak fusion plasmas.
  • H. Eshraghi, IPM, Iran
    On the vortex dynamics in fluids.
  • D. Garuchava, Georgian Academy of Science, Georgia
    I. Self-focusing and self-guiding of relativistic intense laser pulses in underdence plasmas.
    II. Wake-field generation by self-guiding of asymmetric relativistic pulses in underdence plasmas.
  • V. O. Girka, Kharkov U., Ukraine
    Nonlinear interaction between surface flute modes and annular charged particle beams.
  • M. Ghorbanalilu, Shahid Beheshti U., Iran
    Microwave gas discharge in strong circular pulsed fields.
  • K. S. Goswami, Centre of Plasma Physics, India
    Relativistic plasma maser interaction between ordinary modes and ion acoustic wave.
  • H. Hakimi Pajouh, IPM, Iran
    Interaction of relativistic soliton with a nonuniform plasma.
  • I. Hofmann, GSI Darmstadt, Germany
    I. Introduction into intertial fusion driven by accelerators.
    II. Dynamics of collisionless anisotropic beam plasmas.
    III. Complementary session.
  • S. Kuhn, U. Innsbruck, Austria
    Theoretical studies of magnetized plasmas in contact with walls.
    I. Classical studies of the magnetized plasmas wall transition (PWT).
    II. Recent developments.
  • J. Mahmoodi, Qom U., Iran
    Revolution of angular velocity distribution of nonspherical grains in magnetized plasma.
  • E. Rosomyan, Armenian Academy of Sciences, Armenia
  • A. A. Rukhadze, Russian Academy of sciences, Russia
    Self consistent model of RF inductive plasmas \ ion source, located in the external magnetic field.
  • K. E. H. Schmidt,IPF, U. Stuttgart, Germany
    I. The plasma focus - a source of high energy radiation.
    II. Neutron diagnostics of Dense Magnetized Plasmas.
  • H. A. Shah, Government College U., Pakistan
    Non-Maxwellian distribution function in space plasmas.
  • N. L. Tsintsadze, Georgian Academy of Sciences, Georgia
    On the dynamics of photon gas.

The lectures encompassed different areas of plasma physics such as Waves and nonlinear Dynamics, Beam Plasma Interaction, Basic Plasma Physics, Space Plasma, Magnetically Confined Plasma, and Inertial Confinement Fusion.

A poster session was held on Wednesday afternoon.
The following institutes have contributed to the success of the Workshop. Their contribution is greatly appreciated.
  • ICTP (International Center for Theoretical Physics)
  • CIRC (The Center for International Research and Collaboration)
  • QFA (Qeshm Free Area)
  • Institute for Biotechnological Research
  • Islamic Azad University, Specially Plasma Research Center

The Workshop was a success and we hope that it is repeated in 2004.
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to express our gratitude to lecturers, to participants and to all contributors.

H. Abbasi

See photos: http://physics.ipm.ac.ir/conferences/plasma/photos.htm
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