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Title of Talks & Voice Files

Hossein Abbasi

Subsonic Soliton in Non-Maxwellian Plasmas (voice file)
Collaborator: H. Hakimi Pajouh

Mohsen Alishahiha 

Hologravity (voice file)
Collaborator: A. Karch, E. Silverstein

Farhad Ardalan

The 21st Century Einstein (voice file)

Reza Asgari

The Coulomb Drag Effects in a Bi-layer System: The Role of Dynamic and Static Interaction Potentials (voice file)
Collaborator: B. Tanatar, B. Davoudi

Alireza Bahrami-Nasab

Intermittency Issues in Burgers & KPZ Equations (voice file)
Collaborator: M. R. Rahimi-Tabar

Reza Ejtehadi

Effective Van Der Waals Interaction between Ellipsoidal Objects (voice file)

Seyed Mohammad Eshraqi

LHC Accelerator (voice file)

Yasaman Farzan

Pulsar Kiks from Majoron Emission (voice file)
Collaborator: G. Gelmini, A. Kusenko

Mohammad Ghannadi-Maraghe

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle in IRAN (voice file)

Ahmad Ghodsi

Quantum Hall Effect-Half BPS N=4 SYM Correspondence (voice file)
Collaborator: M. Sheikh Jabbari, A. Mosaffa

Farhad Jafarpour Hamedani

Multiple Shock Dynamics in a Reaction- Diffusion Model (voice file)

Ali Naghi Khorramian

Non-Singlet QCD Analysis in the NNLO Approximation (voice file)
Collaborator: S. Atashbar Tehrani, A. Mirjalili

Mohammad Lamehi Rashti

Report of Iranian LINAC (voice file)

Abdollah Langari

The Mechanism of Phase Separation in Two-Dimensional T-J Model in Terms of Cluster Approach (voice file)

Farhang Loran

Scalar Solitons and AdS/CFT Correspondence (voice file)

Gholamreza Maktabdaran

Closed String S-Matrix Elements in Open String Field Theory (voice file)
Collaborator: M.R. Garousi

Mir Faez Miri

Light Propagation in the Soap Foam (voice file)
Collaborator: E. Madadi

Seyed Kamran Moayedi

The Proof of a Quantum Mechanical Equivalence between a System with Position-Dependent Mass and a Point Particle Subject to a Nonconservative Force Quadratic in the Velocity (voice file)
Collaborator: M. Norouzi

Saman Moghimi-Araghi

Conformal Fields Theory and Lonerís Stochastic Equations (voice file)
Collaborator: S. Rouhani, M. Rajabpour

Majid Monemzadeh

Converting the Second Class Constrained Systems to Gauge Theories by the BFT Method (voice file)
Collaborator: A. Shirzad

Ahmad Moshaii

CMC Muon System (voice file)

Bahram Nasre-Esfahani

Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by a Traversable Static Wormhole (voice file)

Kourosh Nozari

Gup Induced Corrections to Black Holes Thermodynamics (voice file)
Collaborator: S.H. Mehdipour

Shahrokh Parvizi

Supergravity Via Super Yang-Mills, AdS/CFT Revisited (voice file)
Collaborator: Sh. Mamedov

Sohrab Rahvar

Extinction in the Color-Magnitude Diagram of EROS Data and Distribution of Stars at the Galactic Disk (voice file)

Reza Ramazani-Arani

MM-Nut Disk Space Via Ehlers Transformation (voice file)
Collaborator: M. Nouri Zonoz, D. Momeni

Jafar Sadeghi

Virasoro Character from SL(2|1 ; C) Sum-Rule Character (voice file)

Neda Sadooghi

Planar and Nonplanar Konishi Anomalies and Effective Super-Potential for Noncommutative Supersymmetric U(1) (voice file)
Collaborator: F. Ardalan

Mohsen Shadmehri

Evolution of Molecular Cloud Cores (voice file)

Ahmad Shirzad

Bosonic String with Mixed Boundry Conditions (voice file)

Yousef Sobouti

Compact Objects as Possible Alternatives to Dark Matter by Hypotheses (voice file)

Zafar Ya Turakulov

Geometric Properties of Spacetimes Dual to the Kerr Spacetimes (voice file)

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