School Program

Date & Time

09:00-10:30 10:30-11:00 11:00-12:30 12:30-16:30 16:30-18:00 18:00-18:30 18:30-20:00
 Sunday, Jan. 16th SF - Inf Break GL Lunch SF - Inf Break T
 Monday, Jan. 17th GL BC SF - Inf T/S1
 Tuesday, Jan. 18th BRCP BC CMB-SA S2
 Wednesday, Jan. 19th BC SF - Inf CMB-SA T/S3
Thursday, Jan. 20th CMB CMB-SA WL CMB-SA
 Friday, Jan. 21st E      X      C      U      R      S     I      O      N
 Saturday, Jan. 22nd WL Break HzU Lunch CMB Break S4/S5 Reception
 Sunday, Jan. 23rd WL CMB HzU HzU
 Monday, Jan. 24th HzU S6 / S7 EXCURSION


Topics Abbreviation Related Lecturers
SF =	Structure Formation 
Inf =	Inflation
GL =	Gravitational Lensing
BC =	Brane Cosmology 
CMB =	Cosmic Microwave Background
SA =	Secondary Anisotropies
HzU =	High Z Universe
WL =	Weak-Lensing
BRCP=	Back-Reaction of Cosmological Perturbations
T =	Tutorial 
S =	Seminar 
SF :	R. Brandenberger
Inf  :	R. Brandenberger
GL :	S. Rahvar
CMB-SA:	N. Afshordi
BC :	R. Maartens 
HzU :	B. Mobasher 
WL :	U. Seljak
BRCP:	G. Geshnizjani
CMB:	U. Seljak


Topics Abbreviation Related Speaker
S1 = Rotational symmetries of the CMB statistics 
S2 = Dynamics of Compact Objects
S3 = Varying light speed theories & cosmology
S4 = Iranian National Observatory, Status review of an exciting project
S5 = Spherical symmetric thick domain wall 
S6 = Vaccum quantum effects for branes on Ad
S7 = Magellanic stream
S1: A. Hajian
S2: Y. Sobouti
S3: N. Jafari
S4: S. Arbabi
S5: S. Khosravi
S6: A. Saharian 
S7: H. Haghi