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Arrival in Tehran

Upon your arrival to the Tehran airports,

Please look for someone with the school sign who will help you with the transport to the IPM guest house. Do not forget to declare your foreign currency before leaving the customs area. Please take note of addresses, telephone and telefax numbers as below:

Physics Department and Guest House of IPM
Farmanieh Building, next to Kouhe Nour Building, Farmanieh Av.
Tel:  +98 (21) 22 28 06 92, 22 29 09 34
Mobile: +98 (912) 130 30 42, (912) 148 76 57
Fax: +98 (21) 22 28 04 15 
Guest House  Tel: +98 (21) 22 83 50 59

 Do not hesitate to contact us  in case of any problem.

PDF Version of addresses (in both Persian & English languages)

Please do not forget to take the persian address with you for avoiding any problem.

Important Notes

  • You may find banks to exchange major currencies at the Airport. An approximate currency exchange rate is 1US$~9200 Rls and 1~11500 Rls.

  • Please note that standard credit cards e.g. Visa, Master or AmEXP, cannot be used in Iran.

  • Do not forget to declare your foreign currency of more than 5000 dollars before leaving the customs area.

  • Exchanging currencies other than US dollars or Euros is not as straightforward. So, please remember to carry your money in these two currencies.

  • Note in Iran weeks start from Saturday and Friday is the official holiday. Thursdays many governmental offices are closed.

Useful Maps

  • For an Interactive map of Tehran click here.
  • For the map of Departments and buildings of IPM click here.

We have planned to accommodate all participants in IPM Guest House. Please note that long distance call will not be covered by the school.

Internet Connection

Internet connection is available in the guest house and place of the school.


For weather forecast of Iranian cities please visit:

Electrical Appliance

The electricity supply in Iran works at 220 V and 50 Hz. There are standard sockets.


We will provide you with lunch during the school. Breakfast and dinner will be served on the first floor of the guest house for resident guests only. Vegetarian meals are also available upon request. Lunch will be served in the same building as seminars, Niavaran Bldg.

Place of the Conference & Registration

The school will start on Monday, December 18th in the main lecture hall of  Niavaran Bldg. All participants will be registered there at 08:30.
Map of the area.

Please find below the program of the bus which will take you to and from Niavaran Bldg.


From Farmanieh To Farmanieh
Monday, Dec. 18th 08:00 18:10
Tuesday, Dec. 19th 08:30 21:10
Wednesday, Dec. 20th E x  c  u  r  s  i  o  n
Thursday, Dec. 21st 08:30 18:10
Friday, Dec. 22nd 08:30 14:10

For more information please visit here.

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