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Tehran Meeting on Cosmology
5 -10 August 2017 (14 -19 Mordad 1396)
 IPM, Tehran, Iran

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Registration information
Fees (lunches included):
        For Iranian participants (without accommodation):

          - Students:

               Registration fee is 1.500.000 Rial

          - Others:

             Registration fee is 2.500.000 Rial

          -  Accommodation:

             The cost of guesthouse is 500.000 Rial per night
Note: Limited financial support is available to cover the accommodation costs. If requested and approved by the organizers, the accommodation fee can be waived in exceptional circumstances.

      For non-Iranian participants:

          - 150 Euro (Accommodation for 5 nights is included)
Note: Depending on the funding, a portion of the registration fee and travel expenses may be waived in exceptional cases.

Note: The conference banquet fee is included in the registration fee for all participants.






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