Applied Physics Research Lab (APRL)


Research Areas



  Diamond like and polymeric like Carbon films 

  Copper nanoparticles in and on the carbon films

  Optical properties & surface plasmon resonance of nanoparticles

  Electrical properties & percolation and tunneling models

 ● Cu@Cu2O core- shell nanoparticles

 ● Nickel nanoparticles  in carbon films

  Copper nanoparticles on the scrolled carbon nanotubes

  Copper nanoparticles  in carbon films as absorber  layer for IR detector

  Fundamental study and application of the CO gas sensor and biosensor using Cu@Cu2O core- shell 

  Study of percolation threshold in copper nanoparticles in carbon films

  Photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic properties of semiconductor nanomaterials

  Fabrication of carbon based nanostructures for efficient PEC reactions

  Applying 2D nanostructured systems for  PEC photoanodes



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