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  1. American Journal of Physics

  2. American Physical Society Bulletin

  3. Annals of Physics

  4. Applied Physics A

  5. Applied Physics B

  6. Applied Physics Letters

  7. Astronomy and Astrophysics

  8. Astronomy and Astrophysics Review

  9. Astroparticle Physics

  10. The Astrophysical Journal

  11. The Astrophysical Journal: Supplement Series

  12. Classical and Quantum Gravity

  13. Comments of Nuclear and Particle Physics

  14. Computational Mechanics

  15. Computer in Physics

  16. Computer Physics Communication

  17. Computing in Science and Energy

  18. Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics

  19. Europhysics Letter

  20. European Journal of Physics

  21. European Journal of Physics A

  22. European Journal of Physics B

  23. European Journal of Physics C

  24. European Journal of Physics D

  25. European Journal of Physics E

  26. Foundation of Physics

  27. Foundation of Physics Letters

  28. High Energy Physics Index

  29. Historical Studies in the Physical and biological science

  30. International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science

  31. International Journal of Modern Physics A

  32. International Journal of Modern Physics B

  33. International Journal of Modern Physics C

  34. International Journal of Theoretical Physics

  35. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science

  36. Journal of General Philosophy of Science

  37. Journal of Applied Physics

  38. Journal of Biological Physics

  39. Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Physics

  40. Journal of Mathematical Biology

  41. Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics

  42. Journal of Mathematical Physics

  43. Journal of Physics A

  44. Journal of Physics B

  45. Journal of Physics Condensed matter

  46. Journal of Physics D

  47. Journal of Physics G

  48. Journal of Plasma Physics

  49. Journal of Statistical Physics

  50. Journal of History of Ideas

  51. Letters of Mathematical Physics

  52. Measurement Science and Technology

  53. Modern Physics Letters A

  54. Modern Physics Letters B

  55. Molecular Physics

  56. Nuclear Fusion

  57. Nuclear Physics A

  58. Nuclear Physics B

  59. Nuclear Physics B: Proceedings of supplement

  60. Philosophy of Science

  61. Philosophy of Science: Supplement

  62. Physica Scripta

  63. Physica Scripta Topical Issues

  64. Physical Review A

  65. Physical Review B

  66. Physical Review C

  67. Physical Review D

  68. Physical Review E

  69. Physical Review Letters

  70. Physical Review & Physical Review Letters Index

  71. Physical Letters A

  72. Physical Letters B

  73. Physics of Atomic Nuclei

  74. Physics of Particle and Nuclei

  75. Physics of Plasma

  76. Physics Reports

  77. Physics Today

  78. Physics USPEKHI

  79. Physics World

  80. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

  81. Plasma Physics Reports

  82. Progress of Theoretical Physics

  83. Progress of Theoretical Physics: Supplement

  84. Report on Progress in Physics

  85. Reviews in Mathematical Physics

  86. Reviews of Modern Physics

  87. Reviews of Scientific Instruments

  88. Reviews of Solid State Science

  89. Royal Society of London Philosophical Transactions Physical Science

  90. Science in Context

  91. SMART Materials and Structures

  92. Social Studies of Science

  93. Soviet Journal of Nuclear Physics

  94. Soviet Journal of Particles and Nuclei

  95. Soviet Journal of Plasma Physics

  96. Soviet Physics JETP

  97. Soviet Physics USPEKHI

  98. Societa Italiana difisica: Nuvo Cimento A

  99. Societa Italiana difisica: Nuvo Cimento B

  100. Societa Italiana difisica: Nuvo Cimento C

  101. Societa Italiana difisica: Rivista del Nuvo Cimento

  102. Speculations in Science and Technology

  103. Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics

  104. Theoretical Population Biology

  105. Zeitschrift fur physik A

  106. Zeitschrift fur physik B

  107. Zeitschrift fur physik C

  108. Zeitschrift fur physik D


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