Curriculum Vitae

·         Name: Azizollah Shafiekhani

·         Birth: 7.02.1958, Abhar, Iran

·         Mirage Status: Married, Two sons: Shayan and Shahin

·         E-mail:,,

·         Tel.: +98-21-8530 ext. 2620, +98-21-2310 ext. 3038, 3063


·         Education:

1-      PhD: Physics, Sharif University of Technology, 1994.

2-      Msc.: Physics, Sharif University of Technology, 1989.

3-      Bsc.: Physics, Sharif University of Technology, 1985.

4-      Diploma: Hadaf High School No. 1, 1975.


·         Work Experience:

1-      Associate Prof., Physics Department, Alzahra University (AU), 2001- now.

2-      Part time Researcher: School of Physics, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM), 1994- now

3-      Assistant Prof., Physics Department, Alzahra University, 2001.

4-      Assistant Prof., Rejaei University, 1999-2001.

5-      Post Doc: School of Physics, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM), 1995-1999


·         Carbon Technology Research Laboratory (CTRL) (Alzahra University)

·         Carbon Lab (IPM)




·         Interested research Subjects:

1-      Carbon, DLC, Carbon/Me composites synthesis

2-      Metal Nanoparticles

3-      Photonic Spectroscopy

4-      Plasmon

5-      Sensors, Biosensors, Gas Sensor



·         Printed papers in International Journals:


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13-  H. Simchi, Gh. Sareminia, A. Shafiekhani, Gh. Valizadeh,

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14-    T. Ghodselahi, M.A. Vesaghi, A. Shafiekhani, A. Baradran, A. Karimi, Z. Mobini,

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The consideration of Spelendid Increasing Tren of Green Fuel H2 Production with the help of Nanofine Materials”, Def. and Diff. Forum 297-301, (2010), 351-358.

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30-  A. Gelali, A. Shafiekhani, A. Ghorbani and A. Ahmadpourian,

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33-  S. Nayeb Sadeghi, A. Shafiekhani and M. A. Vesaghi,

“Direct production of carbon nanofibers decorated with Cu2O by thermal chemical vapor deposition on Ni catalyst electroplated on a copper substrate”, to be appear in IJPR (2013),

·         Submitted Papers for Publication

1-      M. Rahmati, A. Shafiekhani, M. Ahmadirad, “Ni nanoparticles in DLC”.

2-      N.S. Mireyan, A. Shafiekhani, A.A. Masoudi, Colored Correlated Noises on Logistic Growth Model of Tumor”.

3-      A. Shafiekhani, H. SaeidFirozeh, Influence of Fe@MnAl2O4 and Synthesis of novel Compound Mn0.83Fe0.21Al1.96O4

4-      H. SaeidFirozeh, A. Shafiekhani and M. Ahmadirad, “The novel galaxite composition Mn0.9Co0.1Al2O4 nanowires”



·         Printed Papers in International Proceedings:

1-      A. Shafiekhani, "Differential Operator Realization of sl(n) and Difference Operator Realization of Uq(sl(n))", Proceeding of the V Mathematical Physics in Alushta, Ukrain, 1994.

2-      A. Shafiekhani and M.R. Rahimi Tabar, “Logarithmic Operators and The W¥”, Current Topics in Physics, Proceeding of Inauguration Conference of the APCTP, Seoul, Koria, World Scientific, V. 2, (1998) 699-703.

3-      M.A. Vesaghi, A.A. Shokri and A. Shafiekhani, “Gaint MagnetoResistance in C/Fe/Cr/O Films” Proceeding of MSM-99 Conference, Tehran, Iran, World Scientific, Sept. 2000 .

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8-      T. Ghodselahi, M.A. Vesaghi and A. Shafiekhani, “Optical and electrical properties of the copper-carbon nanocomposites”, Nanophotonics II, Proc. of SPIE 6988, 69881P-1-69881P-8.

9-      M. A. Vesaghi; A. Gelali; T. Ghodselahi; S. Solymani; H. Zahrabi; S. M. Elahi; A. Shafiekhani; M. Ahmadi Rad, “XRD of Cu Nano Particles Embedded In Carbon Film”, International Conference on Nanotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2010.