• Recent Group Publications

    M. Roshan and F. Shojai,
    " Energy-momentum squared gravity"
    Phys. Rev. D 94, 044002 (2016).

    I. Bókkon, F. Scholkmann, V. Salari, N. Császár, G.Kapócs,
    "The possible role of endogenous spontaneous ultra-weak photon emission in the formation of eye-specific retinogeniculate projections before birth"
    Reviews in the Neurosciences (2016).

    N. Császár, F. Scholkmann, V. Salari, I. Bokkon,
    "Phosphene perception is due to ultra-weak photon emission produced in various parts of the visual system: glutamate in the focus"
    Reviews in the Neurosciences (2016).

    V. Salari, F. Scholkmann, I. Bokkon, F. Shahbazi, J. Tuszynski,
    "The physical mechanism for retinal discrete dark noise: thermal activation or spontaneous ultraweak photon emission?"
    Plos One (2016).

    F. Taher Ghahramani and A. Tirandaz,
    "Perturbative Treatment of Quantum to Classical Transition in Chiral Molecules: Dilute Phase vs. Condensed Phase."
    J. Phys. B (2016).

    H. R. Naeij and A. Shafiee,
    "Double-Slit Interference Pattern for a Macroscopic Quantum System."
    Found. Phys., 46, 1634-1648 (2016).

    H. R. Naeij and A. Shafiee,
    "Momentum Uncertainty Relation for an Open Macroscopic Quantum System"
    J. Stat. Phys., 165, 1141-1152 (2016)

    M. J. Kazemi, M. H. Barati and J. Khodagholizadeh,
    "n the Lorentz invariance of the Square root Klein-Gordon Equation."

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  • Monthly Seminar

    Guest Speaker Invitation

    In order to interact and exchange ideas on foundational subjects, the foundation of physics group is pleased to invite researchers to speak at IPM about fundamental issues. The suggested topics are:

    - Measurement problem in quantum mechanics
    - Theoretical and experimental investigation of quantum non-locality
    - Bell-type and Leggett-type entanglements
    - New formalisms of quantum mechanics
    - New applications of Bohmian mechanics
    - New interpretations of quantum mechanics
    - Many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics
    - Quantum thermodynamics
    - Macroscopic quantum systems
    - Decoherence theory
    - Principles of quantum chaos
    - Fundamental problems in general and special relativity
    - Fundamental problems of cosmology
    - Principles of dark matter and dark energy
    - Realism in the modern physics
    - Concept of information and entropy
    - Concept of order in modern physics
    - Role of information in modern sciencev
    - Concept of time in different contexts (thermodynamics, cosmology and ...)
    - Quantum biology
    - Evolution and natural selection in modern biology
    - Consciousness in modern physics

    The researchers interested to present their work for us in our monthly seminars, please contact Dr. Afshin Shafiee: afshin.shafiee at gmail.com

    Physical Processes responsible for Quantum-to-Classical Transition
    Lecturer(s): Farhad Taher Ghahramani
    From : IPM, School of Physics
    Farmanieh Seminar Room

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  • Foundation of Physics News

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