Soft Matter Physics

"... These beautiful soap bubbles, which are
 the delight of our children."
                                 - Pierre-Gilles De Gennes

Biological Physics

"How would we express in terms of the statistical theory the marvelous faculty of a living organism?"
                                       - Erwin Schrödinger

Statistical Physics

"More is different"
                                     - Philip W. Anderson

Soft Matter, Biological and Statistical Physics
Research Group


Second Semester 94-95
Course on "Statistical Physics of Fields In and Out of Equilibrium" (School of Physics, IPM)

Course on "Advanced Statistical Physics" (School of Nano Science, IPM)

September 3 and 5, 2012 (IASBS, Zanjan, 4 sessions)
Lecture series on Statistical Physics of Biological Membranes (Abstract)
First Semester 91-92
General Seminar (School of Physics, IPM)
First Semester 90-91
General Seminar (School of Physics, IPM)