Soft Matter Physics

"... These beautiful soap bubbles, which are
 the delight of our children."
                                 - Pierre-Gilles De Gennes

Biological Physics

"How would we express in terms of the statistical theory the marvelous faculty of a living organism?"
                                       - Erwin Schrödinger

Statistical Physics

"More is different"
                                     - Philip W. Anderson

Soft Matter, Biological and Statistical Physics
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Seminars held jointly with IPM's Condensed Matter Physics Group
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Date Speaker Title
 93/03/28  Malihe Ghodrat
Disorder-induced Non-monotonic Interactions between Randomly-charged Surfaces Immersed in Asymmetric Ionic Fluids (Abstract)
 93/03/07  Hossein Nili
 Univ. of Surrey, UK
Active Biological Matter (Abstract)
 93/02/24  Robabeh Moosavi
Rheology of Granular Materials under Rotational or Oscillatory Shear (Abstract)
 93/02/03  Maryam Pakpour
Sliding Friction on Wet and Dry Sand (Abstract)
 92/12/13  Ramin Golestanian
 Univ. of Oxford, UK
Making Nonequilibrium Matter with Active Colloids (Abstract)
 92/12/07  Seyedeh Zahra Naeimi
Optical Properties of Fractal Aggregates of Nanoparticles and Self-Affine Thin Films: Effects of Particle Size Polydispersity (Abstract)
 92/11/23  Ebrahim Hassan-Zadeh
 Texas Tech Univ., USA
Gramicidin Alters the Lipid Composition of the Liquid-Ordered and Liquid-Disordered Membrane Domains (Abstract)
 92/11/02  Ali Naji
Hybrid Multiscale Simulation Strategy for Diffusion of Discrete Objects in Continuum Media (Abstract)
 92/10/25  Leili Javidpour
Stability of Charged Virus-like Nano-shells and Nano-droplets (Abstract)
 92/06/13  Ali Naji
Coulomb Fluids in Soft Matter and Biology (Abstract)
 92/06/06  Arman Fathizadeh
 Sharif Univ. of Technology
Rigid Body Molecular Dynamics Simulation of DNA inside Nucleosome (Abstract)
 92/04/12  Leili Javidpour
Multivalent Ion Effects on Electrostatic Stability of Virus-like Nano-shells (Abstract)
 92/04/05  Amir Bahrami
 Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany
Membrane-mediated Interactions Between Adsorbed Inclusions (Abstract)
 91/12/15  Davood Norouzi
DNA-protein Specific Interactions (Abstract, Audio)
 91/11/11  Atefeh Khoshnood
 Sharif Univ. of Technology
Dynamics of Suspensions and Biomembranes in Flow
Conditions (Abstract)


Mojtaba Nasiri Zarandi
Univ. of Damghan

Casimir Nanomachines


Mehdi Habibi

What's Happening at the IASBS Complex Fluids Lab?


Daniel Bonn
Univ. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Why is Granular Rheology so Complicated?


Artem Badasyan
Yerevan State Univ., Armenia

Conformational Transitions in Biopolymers in Spin Language: Order-Disorder Transition


Afshin Montakhab
Shiraz University

Dynamics on Complex Networks: From Brain to Human Interaction


Fatemeh Khalili
Univ. of Chicago, USA

Voltage-Gating Mechanism in Potassium Channels


Mina Zarei
Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, France

Gene Silencing and the Large-scale Domain Structure of the E.coli Genome


Bahareh Kiani
Isfahan University

Repulsive Casimir Interaction between Conducting and Permeable Rough Plates


Behrouz Eslami

Sharif Univ. of Technology

DNA کشسانی ملکول  


Rouhollah Abdolvahab

Sharif Univ. of Technology

Investigating Sequence Effect on Passage Times for Chaperone-Assisted Polymer Translocation


Malihe Ghodrat

Shiraz University

Thermostatistical Properties of a Relativistic Gas: Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Properties


Farzaneh Shayeganfar
Sharif Univ. of Technology

Aging تأثير تلاطم بر اندازه نانوذرات و بررسي پديده


Shirin Ataei Talebi

Joseph Fourier Univ., France

Shearing of Two-Dimensional Foams: Studying the Elasto-Plastic Regime


Mohammad Faghfoor Maghrebi

A Multiple-Scattering Expansion of the Casimir Energy


Ali Naji

Diffusion of Inclusions on Ruffled Membrane Surfaces


Leili Javidpour
Sharif Univ. of Technology

Molecular Simulation of Protein Folding and Diffusion in Nanopores


Ali Naji

Neutral but not indifferent: When Net-Neutral Bodies Behave Like Charged Ones