Soft Matter Physics

"... These beautiful soap bubbles, which are
 the delight of our children."
                                 - Pierre-Gilles De Gennes

Biological Physics

"How would we express in terms of the statistical theory the marvelous faculty of a living organism?"
                                       - Erwin Schrödinger

Statistical Physics

"More is different"
                                     - Philip W. Anderson

Soft Matter, Biological and Statistical Physics
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Perspective: Coulomb fluids-Weak coupling, strong coupling, in between and beyond

A. Naji, M. Kanduc, J. Forsman, R. Podgornik
Journal of Chemical Physics 139, 150901 (2013)


Theoretical Approaches to Neutral and Charged Brushes

A. Naji, C. Seidel and R. R. Netz
Advances in Polymer Science 198, 149 (2006)


Electrostatic Interactions in Strongly-Coupled Soft Matter

A. Naji, S. Jungblut, A. G. Moreira, and R. R. Netz
Physica A 352, 131 (2005)
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Statics and dynamics of strongly charged soft matter

H. Boroudjerdi, Y.-W. Kim, A. Naji, R. R. Netz, X. Schlagberger, A. Serr
Physics Reports 416, 129 (2005)
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