Isfahan String School 2000
Isfahan University of technology , Isfahan, Iran
May 1-14
 Arrival Information
Arrival in Tehran
When you arrive at the Tehran, please look for someone with the school sign who will help you with the transport to the  guest house. Do not forget to declare your foreign currency before leaving the customs area.   Please take note of  addresses, telephones and telefax numbers below.
Physics Department
Inst. for Studies in Theo. Phys. (IPM)
( Farmanieh Building )
1, Shahid Farbin Street, Shahid Lavasani Av..
Tel: 2280692 , 2290934
fax: 2280415
Guest House of
Isfahan University of Technology
Univ. Tel: 031-8913739 , 031-8912375
      fax: 031-8912376
Guest House Tel: 031- 8912329
Don't hesitate to contact us, in the case of any problem.

We recommand that you inform us of  your arrival time as soon as possible.

Those who need an accomodation in Tehran should inform us, so that we can lodge them in our guest house.

Flight to Isfahan
There are more than 5 flights everyday from Tehran to Isfahan. You should book your Isfahan flights through your travel agency.  In case that it is not possible let us know so that  we buy your ticket in Tehran. When you arrive please stay near information desk. Someone with school placard will pick you up.
The City of Isfahan
IUT enjoys the advantages of being situated in the vicinity of the historical, industrial and commercial city of Isfahan, the city with a long-standing tradition in science, art and culture as well as a leading center of technological activities in present-day Iran.

Once the capital of ancient dynasties, Isfahan reached height of prosperity and fame as the seat of the Safavi kings in the seventeenth century. At that time, Isfahan enjoyed the reputation of being one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the whole world. This city is renowned not only for the abundance of great historical monuments but also for its Life-Giving river, Zayandeh-Rood, which has given the city an original beauty and a fertile land.

During the past decades, the city has made significant progress towards industrialization. Present-day Isfahan hosts a wide variety of major industries such as Isfahan Steel Mill, Mobarakeh Steel Complex, a large power station, an oil refinery and many other major and minor industries operating in and around the city together with a Nuclear Technology Research Center. This rapid Industrialization and the four major universities located in it have made Isfahan quite attractive to people of all walks of life. The historical assests and tourist attractions also add to this.

The University
IUT is Located at northwest of Isfahan (25km from the city center). IUT occupies an area of 2300 ha of land at the foot of Mt. Seyyed Mohammad. The main campus, a self-contained one resembling almost a town, commands a view of the farmlands and orchards of Isfahan suburbs. It includes all the educational buildings as well as modern dormitories to house 4500 students and the residential quarters which provides the academic staff with semi-detached villas. The green belt around the campus and the quiet open surrounding makes life at IUT pleasant to students and staff.
Travel to Isfahan
The city of Isfahan is located 420km south of Tehran (40 minutes by airplane, 6.5 hours by bus and 7 hours by train from Tehran to Isfahan). A welcoming service on April 30 will be organized for participants at the International Airport of Shahid Beheshti with a shutle service to take guests to their residence in IUT. Participants who originate from abroad are kindly requested to notify the secretary of the ISS their approximate time of arrival as soon as possible.

Those who arrive by bus or train can use public service to get to the Jomhoory Eslami square where the IUT bus service is available every 15 minutes from 7.30 to 21.00. The IUT bus station is at the begining of the Imam Khomaini St.

It is planned to accommodate all participants at IUT Guest House (No.1), mainly on the basis of triple/double/single occupancy room. Upon arrival IUT, each participant will be registered at reception desk of the Guest House.
The school will be opened on Monday  May 1st, t 9:15 AM in room No.261, Department of Physics, IUT. There will be two lectures in the morning and one lecture in the afternoon followed by a discussion session (indicate in the program).
The official language of the school will be English.
Isfahan has a dry climate and is very sunny. There is a temperature difference of about 20 C between day and night. In early May the temperature nearly varies from 15 C to 35 C. It rarely rains in May.
Electrical Appliance
The electricity supply in Iran works at 220 V, AC,50 Hz. There are standard sockets.
Upon arrival at IUT, we will give you three coupons for your meal ( breakfast, lunch, dinner ) per day
of stay. These coupons should be given to the cashier at mealtimes. Vegetarian meals are also available upon request.
The location of the IUT at the foot of Seyyed Mohammad mountain has provided a good situation for climbing the mountain. An Indoor swimming pool and sauna is also available (Do not forget to bring swimming costume). Other facilities may also be prepared in case of request.
Local Organizer
The local organizer of school is Dr. A. Shirzad in cooperation with Dr. M. Haghighat (responsible for transportation ) and Dr. B. Mirza (responsible for E-mail and computer service). Local organizer is available as follows:


If you have any other question of a non-scientific nature or need assistance, please contact  ISS office (Mrs Davarpanah) . If she was not available contact the Reception Desk. Messages and other information for participants will be fixed on a bulletin near the ISS office.

Those who are interested to participate in the workshop as a lecturers are kindly requested to submite a summary of their talk (between 300-500 words) to the ISS office not later than 6th of May.
There will be two excursions on Friday May 5th and May 12th . The details will be given on your arrival.
If you want a tour to Shiraz or other historical sites, you should inform us as soon as possible. We will introduce you to a tourist agency. But note that during these trips you have to  pay your accomodation in cash US dollars.