Dr. Hossein Abbasi

Electron-cyclotron waves at ion sound velocity. (Audio)

Prof. Radu Dan Constanstinescu

Nonlinearities in the dynamics of the ghost-type variables. (Audio)

Prof. Franz Diethelm Duchs

Fusion Plasma Physics.

  1. Is fusion research still necessary and promising? (Audio)

  2. Present status and open problems for tokamak fusion plasmas. (Audio)

Dr. Homayoon Eshraghi

On the vortex dynamics in fluids. (Audio)

Dr. David Garuchava
  1. Self-focusing and self-guiding of relativistic intense laser pulses in underdence plasmas. (Audio
  2. Wake-field generation by self-guiding of asymmetric relativistic pulses in underdence plasmas.
Dr. Vladimir Girka

Nonlinear interaction between surface flute modes and annular charged particle beams. (Audio)

Dr. Mahmoud Ghorbanalilu

Microwave gas discharge in strong circular pulsed fields. (Audio)

Prof. Kalyan S. Goswami

Relativistic plasma maser interaction between ordinary modes and ion acoustic wave. (Audio)

Dr. Hossein Hakimi Pajouh

Interaction of relativistic soliton with a nonuniform plasma. (Audio)

Prof. Ingo Hofmann
  1. Introduction into intertial fusion driven by accelerators. (Audio)

  2. Dynamics of collisionless anisotropic beam plasmas. (Audio)

  3. Complementary session. (Audio)

Prof. Siegbert Kuhn

Theoretical studies of magnetized plasmas in contact with walls.

  1. Classical studies of the magnetized plasmas wall transition (PWT). (Audio)

  2. Recent developments. (Audio)

Dr. Jafar Mahomoodi

Revolution of angular velocity distribution of nonspherical grains in magnetized plasma. (Audio)

Prof. Anri A. Rukhadze

Self consistent model of RF  inductive plasmas \ ion source, located in the external magnetic field. (Audio 1) (Audio 2)

Dr. K. E. Hellmut Schmidt
  1. The plasma focus - a source of high energy radiation. (Audio)

  2. Neutron diagnostics of Dense Magnetized Plasmas. (Audio)

Prof. Hassan Amir Shah

Non-Maxwellian distribution function in space plasmas. (Audio

Prof. Nodar L. Tsintsadze

On the dynamics of photon gas. (Audio 1) (Audio 2)