11th Regional Conference on Mathematical Physics & IPM Spring Conference
May 3 - 6, 2004
Tehran - Iran

Title of Talks


Title of Talk

Abbasi Hossein

Spot size effects on the laser plasma interaction features

Ahmedov Haji

Energy momentum  tensor in triangular regions

Akhmedov Emil Tofik

How perturbative expansion in QFT is related to the simplicial string theory

Alimohammadi Masoud

General integrable reaction-diffusion process

Alishahiha Mohsen

String theory

Ananikyan Nerses

Arnold tongues in one and multi-dimensional mapping of physical systems

Angelantonj Carlo

Orientifold, supersymmetry breaking and cosmological constant

Arash Firooz

Hadronic structure from a basic structure

Arbabi-Bidgoli Sepehr

Voids in the large scale structure of the universe

Ardalan Farhad

Future of Regional Conferences

Arfaei Hessamaddin

Iranian collaboration with Cern and CMS

Asgarzade Iman

Two-band Ginzburg-Landau theory and their  application to recently discovered  superconductors

Azadi Majid

The process of numerical weather prediction

Banerjee Rabin

Aspects of noncommutative gauge theories and their commutative equivalents

Bietenholz Wolfgang

A non-perturbative study of the non commutative phi^4 model

Bolourizadeh Mohammad Agha

A fully quantum mechanical approach to electron capture as a three body problem

Cahangirli Zakir Agasoltan

Ab initio and Hubbard-Sham model calculation of band structure of GeSe

Chavchanidze George

Non-Noether symmetries in integrable PDEs

Dadhich Naresh

Universalization as a physical guiding principle

Dehghani  Mohammad Hossein

Magnetic rotating solutions in higher curvature gravity and the counterterm method

Deldar Sedigheh

QCD confinement and fat-center-vortices model

Esfahanian Vahid

Numerical simulation of unsteady shallow water equations based on proper orthogonal decomposition  

Eshraghi Homayoun

Zero-spirality in helicitiless ideal flows


 Electroweak unification based on the gauge group SU_L(4)

Garousi Mohammad Reza

Cosmology from rolling massive scalar field on the anti-D3 brane of de Sitter vacua

Ghader Sarmad

Super compact spatial differencing for the linear and nonlinear geophysical fluid dynamics problems

Ghodsi Ahmad

Braneworld inflation

Ghulghazaryan Ruben

Partition function zeros of potts models on recursive lattices 

Golestanian Ramin

Biomolecular electrostatics: A fascinating story

Guler Yurdahan

On quantization of constrained systems

Haghighat Mansour

Lorentz invariant noncommutative QED and Bjorken scaling

Hassan Sayed Fawad

Worldsheet boundary couplings in curved backgrounds and worldvolume covariance

Hosseini Ali Asghar

Inverse photo emission spectroscopy

Hussain Faheemullah

Bounds on four-fermion contact interactions induced by string resonances

Imaanpur Ali

Deformed instantons

Irajizad Azam

Structural and physical properties of Porous silicon as a gas sensor

Jafarizadeh Mohammad Ali

Quantum tomography based on Banach space wavelets

Jafarpour Farhad

Phase transition and shock formation in reaction-diffusion systems:Numerical approach

Japaridze George

Magnetic field induced transitions in spin ladders with ferromagnetic legs

Javanmard Soheila

Theory and numerical modeling of physical mechanisms in cloud  seeding

Kashif Abdul Rahman

Spherically symmetric static spacetime and their classification by Ricci inheritance symmetries

Kembhavi Ajit

Virtual observatories

Khorramian Ali Naghi

The rules of higher order corrections in determining polarized parton densities in the nucleon

Kiritsis Ilias

 String dynamics in pp-wave background

Kobakhidze Archil

Unification in higher dimensions

Kochan Denis

Differential gorms and worms

Kupi Gabor

Degenerate fermionic dark matter in galaxies

Langari Abdollah

Charge and magnetization plateaux in strongly correlated systems

Loran Farhang

Non-Abelianizable first class constraints

Lukierski Jerzy

Quantum deformations of relativistic symmetries: Recent developments

Mamedov Shahin

AdS interpretation of two and three point correlation function of QED 

Mamun Mamun A.A.

Dusty plasma physics: New horizons

Maraghechi Behrouz

Relativistiv Raman free electron lasers with self-fields

Minasian Ruben

Mirror symmetry with fluxes

Mirjalili Abolfazl

Investigating the QCD scale dependence of total cross section for heavy quark production in p-pbar collisions

Mkhitaryan Vagharsh

Bethe Ansatz for the spin-1/2 staggered XXZ-model

Moghimi-Araghi Saman

Correlation functions in LCFT's using AdS/LCFT correspondence

Moniez Marc

Does transparent hidden matter generate optical scintillation?

Mosaffa Amir Esmail

N=1 G(2) super Yang-Mills theory and compactification to three  dimensions

Moshfegh  Alireza

Physics and technology of thin films

Moshfegh  Hamid Reza

Uniform electron gas fluid in the LOCV framework

Mostafazadeh Ali

An explicit construction of the Hilbert space and observables in relativistic QM of scalar fields and quantum cosmology

Naghiyev Shakir

Exactly solvable finite-difference models of the linear harmonic oscillator

Nahm Werner

Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz

Ohanyan Vadim

Magnetization plateaux in the Ising limit of the multiple spin exchange model on the diamond plaquette chain

Pahlavani  Mohammad Reza

Emission angle dependence of fission fragments spin in  B10&11 + Th232 & Np237 fusion-fission reactions

Parfitt David

Exactly solvable problems for two-dimensional excitons

Parvizi Shahrokh

N=1/2 SUSY on AdS2xS2

Popovych Roman

Group classification of nonlinear Schroedinger equations with potentials

Qadir Asghar

Observing black holes

Rahimi-Tabar M. Reza

Regeneration of stochastic process

Rahvar Sohrab

Galactic MACHO budget: Problems and possible solution with the abundant brown dwarfs


Some remarks on the  form and origin of the neutrino mass matrix

Sadeghi Jafar

Connection between N=4  superconformal algebra and D(2/1;\alpha) in zero mode

Sadooghi Neda

Effective superpotential of supersymmetric noncommutative U(1)

Sahni Varun

The mysterious nature of dark energy

Saifullah Khalid

Ricci conformal collineations for static spacetimes

Salimullah Mohammad

An overview of physics of dusty plasmas

Sepangi Hamid Reza

Unification of Higgs and Maxwell fields in higher dimensional gravity

Shah Hassan Amir

Non Maxwellian distributions in space plasmas

Sharif Muhammad

Kinematic self-similar solutions

Shojai Fatimah

Causal quantum gravity in terms of new variables

Shtanov Yuri

Some features of braneworld cosmology

Siddiqui Azad Akhter

Similarities between time-like geodesics in a naked Reissner-Nordstrom singularity background and the behavior of electrons in quantum theory

Sidharth Burra Gautam

Glimpses of new physics

Taghavinia Nima

Control of the size of nanoparticles using UV illumination

Tekin Bayram

Energy in higher curvature gravity

Tolstoy Valeriy

Quantum deformation of Jordanian type for Lie superalgebras

Tsintsadze Nodar

Sound waves in plasmas in the presence of  strong magnetic field

Tureanu Anca

High-energy bounds on scattering amplitudes on noncommutative space-time

Varadarajan Madhavan

Photons and gravitons from loops

Vesaghi Mohammad Ali


Yavartanoo Hossein

Multi-spin string solutions in AdS Black hole and confining backgrounds

Zarbaliev Maharram Zarbali

Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) and surface photoconductivity of InSe, GaSe layer semiconductors