Lecture Series


Lecture Series in Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics I

Textures in Quantum Hall Systems, Past and New Developments
Lecturer: Bahman Roostaei
Indiana University (IUPUI) and IPM
Date: 3rd and 5th Shahrivar 1393, at 11-13:30
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran

Confinement of electron gasses results in exotic states with peculiar behavior. This confinement may be geometric , such as electron gasses in two dimensional quantum wells inside semiconducting heterostructures or Graphene mono- or multi- layers. The confinement may be caused further by strong magnetic field resulting in the freezing of the kinetic energy of electrons. Coulomb interactions in such states of matter dictate interesting dynamics. Spin, charge degree of freedom as well as disorder all coupled, play important role in understanding the outcomes of observation of transport and other signatures of such systems. Exotic configurations of spin and charge density of a collection of electrons known as “textures” have essential role in such observations.

In this series of talks, we review some important developments in the past and present in understanding the ground state of electron systems confined in two dimensional quantum wells and Graphene in strong magnetic fields. Our focus will be in parts of the phase diagram where textures naturally exist.These talks would be beneficial the most to audience who are already familiar with basic field and quantum many body theory as well as some basics of electronic band structure of Graphene. All talks will be from a theoretical point of view but discuss briefly some of the main experimental setups and measurements used to observe the systems under consideration, again from a theorist’s point of view.


The tentative list of the subjects which we would like to cover in this series is as follows:

    Spin Textures in Quantum Hall Systems.

    Experimental Signatures of Textured States.

    Double layer systems: interlayer correlations, superfluidity.

    Double layer systems: pseudo-spin textures. 

    Disorder: unbinding of textures.

    Mobile Textures and Their Interaction With Transport Current.

    New Development in Quantum Hall Ground States of Graphene Systems.

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