Yasaman Farzan

School of Physics

Institute for research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM),
P.O. Box, 19395-5531
Tehran, Iran.

Email: yasaman@theory.ipm.ac.ir

A brief scientific autobiography

In 1990, I entered Farzanegan (Tizhooshan) high school in Tabriz. In 1993, I participated and succeeded in the internal physics Olympiad. I was chosen among the five students of the Iranian team to compete in the international Olympiad, held in Beijing, China. I was the first female student from Iran who had succeeded to be on the team.

In 1994, I was enrolled in  the Physics department  of Sharif Univ. In 1998, I completed my undergraduate studies ranking the first in my undergraduate class.  In the same year, I  participated in the entrance exam of MSc and  ranked the first  in this exam which was held nationwide. My MS thesis was entitled  "Axions in large extra dimensions". After passing the entrance exam,  I was enrolled as a PhD student at SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies) which is located in Trieste, Italy.  I chose neutrino physics as my research area. I was lucky enough to be accepted as a student by Prof. A. Yu. Smirnov who is a leading neutrino physicist. After one year, in 2001,  my husband was offered a Post-doc position at Stanford and I accompanied him to  the USA. Before going to the USA, we had correspondence with the head of the theory group of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), Prof.  Michael Peskin. He encouraged me to complete my thesis as  a long term visitor at their institute. While in the USA, I kept in touch with my supervisor and wrote more papers together and at the same time I benefited from the outstanding scientific atmosphere at SLAC. In 2004, we returned to Italy and I defended my thesis. After my PhD, I returned to Iran to build up a particle physics phenomenology group at IPM, Tehran where I am currently an associate professor. To see a brief overview of the activities of our group at IPM, you may visit this homepage. Since Jan. 2007, I had also been a junior associate member of ICTP.

Awards and honors

1) 2008 IUPAP Young Scientist Prize;

2) ICTP junior associate member, 1 Jan 2007-31 Dec 2012;

3) The Khwarizmi young scientist Award, 2006;

4) Ranking first in the nationwide 98 entrance exam of  MSc in physics;

5) Ranking first in my undergraduate class;

6) Winning i) honorable mention; ii) best girl student; iii) silver medal in theory
in the International physics Olympiad held in China in 1994.


My presentation at ICHEP08

List of publication

A list of my publications is available here.


Invisibles is a new European ITN project (FP7-PEOPLE-2011-ITN, PITN-GA-2011-289442-INVISIBLES (April 2012-March 2016)), which focuses on Neutrino and Dark Matter phenomenology and their connection. Experimental and theoretical aspects are also encompassed. The network involves nodes in seven European countries and its associated partners extend to seven non-European countries

I am the coordinator of Iran node in Invisible network. As the first activity of this network in Iran, we organized IPP13 meeting at IPM, Tehran. For more information about this network you may visit its website at here.


Experiences as an organizer and editor

Since I have entered the physics school of  IPM, several steps have been taken to form a high energy phenomenology group at this institute, among which one may list the following activities:

1) In 2005:                  Summer School on the Phenomenological Aspects of  the Elementary Particle Physics;
 In this school, I covered neutrino physics.

2) In May 2006:           IPM school and conference on Lepton and Hadron Physics, IPM-LHP06

The proceedings are available at here.

3) In October 2007: A national school on phenomenological and experimental aspects of particle physics.  I gave five lectures on the MSSM in this school. website.

4) In May 2008:            IPM International School and Workshop on Electroweak Physics;

5)  In September 2011: IPM school and workshop on recent developments in Particle Physics (IPP11);

6) In September 2012: IPM international school and workshop on Particle Physics (IPP12): Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics;

7) In May 2013:             IPM international school and workshop on Particle Physics (IPP13): Flavor physics and dark matter

8) I am in the organizing committee of the school and workshop organized by invisibles network in UK in 2013.

9) From 2005 to 2010, I was  in charge of arranging the weekly meetings of our phenomenology journal club.

10) I am in charge of arranging our monthly colloquia. More information about the seminars in our department can be found at this website.

Teaching experience

1) 2010, fall semester:      A course on particle physics;

2) 2010, fall semester:      A course on field theory;

3) 2011, spring semester: A course on particle physics;

4) 2012, fall semester:      Beyond the Standard Model of particles;

5) 2013, Spring semester: Elementary particles in cosmology;

Educational material

Following the phenomenology school that we held in the summer of 2005, I have prepared a pedagogical review of  neutrino physics in Farsi which is available here.

I have also written two electronic pedagogical books for Payam Noor Univ in Farsi.


I regularly write my take on scientific events in my blog.  I also have a more personal blog  under pen name Minjigh which means bead or artificial pearl.

Humanitarian Cause

I am an enthusiastic supporter of child foundation (English site, Iranian site, German site).

Last update: June, 2013