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Workshop on Graphene and Topological Insulators
School of Physics, IPM
29-30 September, 2010

   This workshop is dedicated to
Professor Nasser Nafari

A two day workshop on recent progress in graphene and topological insulators is planned by and held at IPM, Tehran. This workshop is intended to provide advanced research information about the on-going activities in the hottest subjects in contemporary physics and materials science.
Graphene is a newly realized two-dimensional (2D) electron system which has engendered a great deal of interest because of the new physics which it exhibits and because of its potential as a new material for electronic technology. In this 2D electron system, states near the Fermi energy of a graphene sheet are described by a massless Dirac equation which has chiral band states in which the honeycomb-sublattice pseudo-spin is aligned either parallel to or opposite to the envelope function momentum. In graphene, the physics of relativistic electrons is now experimentally accessible in solid-state devices, whose behavior differs drastically from that of similar devices fabricated with common semiconductors. Consequently, new unexpected phenomena have been observed, and phenomena that are well understood in common semiconductors –such as the quantum Hall effect or weak-localization- exhibit surprising differences in graphene. Graphene device allows simulating in solid-state experiments some subtle and previously unreachable effects from high-energy physics, such as Klein tunneling and vacuum breakdown. At the same time, graphene is considered as a perspective material for 'post-silicon electronics', and the first graphene transistors were already created and studied. Being both transparent and highly conducting, graphene has a very high potential for use in optical devices. Chemical, mechanical and other properties of graphene also open new ways for numerous important applications. It is not surprising therefore than graphene became one of the hottest subjects in contemporary physics and materials science and the number of publications in the field, including top-level scientific journals, as well as the number of researchers involved, grew exponentially.

Furthermore, certain insulators exhibit metallic states on their surfaces. The 2D topological insulator is a quantum spin Hall insulator, which is a close relation of the integer Quantum Hall State. A 3D topological insulator supports novel spin polarized 2D Dirac fermions on its surface.

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Place of Workshop: Niavaran Bldg, IPM, Tehran
Deadline for Registration: 22 August 2010

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