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Data science workshop series


These series of courses are supposed to cover every component one needs to use data science techniques in physics. The road map is designed from A to Z ‌so you don't need any prerequisite. Participants will be able to apply this knowledge everywhere so will have more job opportunities. Participants will be requested to contribute in activities and exercise. Lectures will be recorded and released through public channels. You can see the program for more details.
These workshops are free of charge and supported by prof. Yasaman Farzan's grant.
Send Email if you need any information.

SBU data science applications in cosmology/astronomy


This workshop is useful for cosmology/astronomy students. They will be given a broad knowledge from machine learning concepts to deep learning techniques. Master students are recommended to attend.

Workshop on machine learning in physics


A workshop to teach you about machine learning concepts and show you how ML can be useful in astronomy/cosmology. Finally you will know about Galaxy Zoo challenge and try to solve a classification problem, using neural networks.

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Tea learning
About Me

Who Am I? What I do?

I'm Alireza Vafaei Sadr.
I've finished my PhD in cosmology. I'm interested in data science and its applications in physics.
Currently I'm working on different projects related to radio astronomy observations in collaboration with the SKA data science team. Also I'm working on several medical data analysis projects.
Every data scientist is usually interested in everything that includes data! and today almost everything produces data. So I'm interested in almost everything! You can find my CV HERE

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