Solid State-Based Quantum Information Processing: An Overview of the Spin-Qubit

Massoud Borhani

Laboratory for Physical Sciences, Maryland, USA

A summary of spin-based quantum computing will be presented, focusing mainly on the Loss-DiVincenzo and Kane''''''''s schemes. Different spin mixing mechanisms, such as spin-orbit and hyperfine interaction, lead to the relaxation (e.g. via phonons) and decoherence of the electron spin confined to a quantum dot or a Phosphorus dimer. We show, on the other hand, how one can use the spin-orbit interaction to manipulate the spin by applying ac electric fields. Moreover, in the absence of any time reversal-breaking interaction, we are able to implement holonomic single qubit gates which are geometric and resilient to the local fluctuations. We also discuss how to mitigate different spin relaxation rates and propose several techniques to optimize the spin manipulation schemes.
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