High Energy Phenomenology


      Both theoretical considerations and experimental observations indicate that the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics cannot be the ultimate theory of nature. For example, although in the SM the lepton flavor number is conserved, the observation of neutrino oscillation tells us that the lepton flavor number is violated in nature. To obtain the observed neutrino data, the SM has to be augmented to give neutrinos tiny but nonzero masses. Any extension of the SM will potentially induce novel effects on various observable quantities. It is up to a phenomenologist to identify and analyze such effects.

     The high energy phenomenology group at IPM is active in the following topics:

- neutrino physics
- Dark Matter
- CP-Violation
- the phenomenology of the non-commutative geometry

The members of the high energy phenomenology group:

Full Time Researchers:
Y. Farzan
Post-doctoral Fellows
- P. Bakhti
- Meshkat Rajaee
Former Students:
PhD Student
- Seyyed Yaser Ayazi
- Arman Esmaeili
- Amin Rezaei Akbarieh
- Pouya Bakhti
MSc Student
- Mahdi Rezaei
- Sara Khatibi
- Saere Najari
- Tahereh Hamedi


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