International workshop on
2D Magnetic Crystalline Materials
15-16 November 2022 (24-25 Aban 1401)

School of Physics, IPM, Tehran


The communities of magnetism/spintronics and two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals materials have both expressed a great deal of interest in the finding of atomic monolayer magnetic materials. 2D crystallines come in a wide variety of characteristics, however, has been lacking a vital 2D magnets.  A number of atomically thin magnetic crystals have been introduced in recent years, which has altered the situation.
This two-day workshop on 2D magnetic crystalline materials aims to set up a lively and instructional atmosphere for thought-provoking discussion among specialists to explore recent advances and key
 developments in 2D magnetic materials. Graduate students, postdocs, and senior researchers are the target audience for the session. This event will be held online and cover a variety of topics, including experiments, theory and numerical simulations in the field. 


Please be advised the workshop has been POSTPONED and a new date will be announced.

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