Recent Progress in Two-dimensional Systems
9th October 2014 (17 Mehr 1393)
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran

Title of Talks, Notes and Audio Files
● Jahanfar Abouie, IASBS, Iran
Anisotropic conductivity in magnetic topological insulators Note Audio File
● Hossein Cheraghchi, Damghan Uni., Iran
Spin and Charge transport in Ferromagnetic Graphene Note Audio File
● Ali Ghorbanzadeh Moghadam, IASBS, Iran  
Spin transport and spin-caloritronics in magnetic graphene Note Audio File
● Azade Mazloom, IASBS, Iran
Transport Properties of Buckled Honeycomb Lattices Note Audio File
● Fariborz Parhizgar, IPM, Iran
Magneto-Optical responses of topological insulator thin films Note Audio File
● Habib Rostami, IPM, Iran
Valley Zeeman effect in monolayer MoS2 Note Audio File
● Bahman Roostaei, IUPUI, USA
Interaction Driven Capacitance and Photoluminescence of Dipole Crystals in Double Mono-Layer Graphene in Strong Magnetic Fields Note Audio File
● Mohammad Sherafati, ICMM, Spain
On the road to the defect-induced ferromagnetism in graphene Note Audio File


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