Professor Tsintsadze won the Kharazmi Award
 Professor Tsintsadze,the originator of the plasma physics program of IPM, won the Kharazmi Award. He has supervised 4 students of this program towards their Ph.D. degree. He has resided in IPM during the 1996, 1997 and 1999 academic years.
The prize won by him is in fact the result of the research he led in IPM during his stay in Iran, and was in collaboration with the students who worked with him Dr. Hossein Abbasi, Dr. Mahmoud Reza Rouhani and Dr. Hossein Hakimi Pajouh.

Following is the abstract of his research:
Relativistic interaction of a laser pulse (LP) with a matter is a most important contemporary issue at such intensities the ionization of surface of the matter takes place, leading to plasma formation. Subsequently, IP interaction with charge paricles, leads to several remarkable effects, that has been identified and studied by the researcher for the first time. Namely, the relativistic parametric resonance; self-focusing of IP; generation of the "light wind"; trapping of electrons in the presence of IP; kinetic properties of specially broad e.m. radiation; the formation of shock waves. Formulation of the hydrodynamics for a photon gas, which allows us to investigate the laser-superdense matter interaction was derived for the first time.
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