Early Universe Cosmology

Thanks to impressive data collected from numerous observations during past two decades, cosmology has entered into it precision era. Cosmologists already invented their "Standard Model'', called Lambda-CDM, which is able to fit a host of cosmological observations with  impressive agreements.  However, Lambda-CDM is still at the phenomenological level where its free parameters are fixed by hand without a deep theoretical understanding.  

Here are some important questions in theoretical cosmology:

 - Did inflation happen in early universe and how?
 - Can inflation be replaced by alternatives?
 - How did matter-antimatter asymmetry take place (Baryogenesis)?
 - Are there other relics such as cosmic strings to be detected?
 - How were large scale structures generated? How did they evolve (Structure
 - What is dark matter?  
 - What is dark energy?

The members of Early Universe Cosmology group at IPM Physics school are currently working on topics such as inflation and alternatives, cosmological pertubation theory, cosmic strings and related ideas. One main goal is how to obtain inflation from a fundamental theory of high energy physics such as string theory and test it with observations.

People active in the cosmology group of IPM:

   -   Hassan Firouzjahi
   -   Mahdyar Noorbala
   -   Mohammad Reza Abolhasani
Part Time:
   -   Salome Khoeini-Moghaddam
   -   Ali Akbar Abolhasani
   -   Razieh Emami-Meibodi
   -   Azadeh Malak-Nejad
   -   Mohammad Hossein Namjoo


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