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Issues on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics:
The Bell's Theorem

Afshin Shafiee

Dept. of Chemistry, Kashan University
School of Physics, IPM

Date:Wed., Dec. 12, 2001
Abstract: Since the 1920?s, quantum mechanics has been confronted with several fundamental problems. John Bell in his 1964 paper argued that the quantum-mechanical formulation of a system consisting of two correlated spin-1/2 particles is not consistent with a theory involving local hidden variables. Other aspects of the debate on the foundation of quantum mechanics have included such topics as contextuality, insperability and entanglement. Several experiments have been performed to test Bell?s Theorem, but they have not been able to pinpoint the source of the difficulties. Among various hypothesis that have been put forward, the breakdown of locality, as an special case of non-contextuality for correlated systems, has received particular attention. In this talk, we will review the topics pertinent to the understanding of the Bell?s Theorem.
Place:Seminar Hall, School of Physics, Farmaniyeh Building, No 1 Shahid Farbin Street, Farmaniyeh.
Tel:(+98 21) 2280692
Fax:(+98 21) 2280415
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