General Seminars

Investigation of the Structural Properties of Bio-Molecules
Using Optical Tweezers

Ramin Golestanian

Institute for Advanced Studies, Zanjan

Date:Wed., Feb. 13, 2002

One of the aims of nanotechnology is the use of smart materials on nanoscopic scales. Some of the best candidates for this are bio-molecules. These can be used in the soft version of nanotechnology. An important device to study these molecules on nanoscopic scales is the optical tweezer which allows for their manipulation. In this talk we shall consider the use of these tweezers in investigating the structural properties of these molecules.

Place:Seminar Hall, School of Physics, Farmaniyeh Building, No 1 Shahid Farbin Street, Farmaniyeh.
Tel:+98 21 2280692
Fax:+98 21 2280415

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