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Quantum Monte Carlo Investigations of Density Functional Theory

Maziar Nekovee

Complexity Research Group, British Telecom, UK

Date: Wed., Feb. 27, 2002

Time: 15:30

Density Functional theory (DFT) is the most widely method for the treatment of quantum correlations in complex many-particle systems. The applications of this rather mysterious theory range from quantum chemistry and condensed matter to nuclear structure calculations. Quantum Monte Carlo methods provide the state-of-art alternative approach to the many-body problem in real materials. In this talk I describe how these methods can be used as a tool for investigating DFT, and discuss the insights gained from a recent quantum Monte Carlo study of the density functional theory of the strongly inhomogeneous election gas.

Place:Seminar Hall, School of Physics, Farmaniyeh Building, No 1 Shahid Farbin Street, Farmaniyeh.
Tel:+98 21 2280692
Fax:+98 21 2280415

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