One day workshop
Recent Developments in String Theory

Jan. 8, 2003
School of Physics, IPM

Title of Talks

  • M. Alishahiha
    Supersymmetric field theory from Matrix.
  • M. R. Garuosi
    Closed string from open string field theory.
  • D. Kamani
    Strings in the quantized pp-wave background from membrane.
  • A. E. Mosaffa
    Semiclassical string on the deformed little string background.
  • S. Parvizi
    N=2 SYM SO(N) SYM theory from Matrix model.
  • N. Sadooghi
    Non-commutative Schwinger model.
  • H. Yavartanoo
    String interaction on pp-wave background.


��Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2003, 10:00
Place: School of Physics, No. 1, Farbin St., Lavasani St., Tehran, Iran

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