Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology
23-24 January 2019 (3-4 Bahman 97)
 IPM, Tehran, Iran


Welcome to the IPM website of the “Conference on Gravitation and Cosmology” in 1397. This is a conference series co-organized by Physics Society of Iran (PSI) and a university/research institute in Iran.  The Information about the previous conference in the series may be found: Link

This year’s conference will be co-organized and hosted by the School of Physics of IPM and aims at bringing together active researchers and graduate students, interested in the area of gravitation and cosmology, to share their latest ideas and discuss the recent developments in the field.

The conference focus topics of this conference include

-   Gravitational Waves,

-   Black hole Physics,

-   Dark matter and Dark Energy,

-   Exoplanets,

-   Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation,

-   Classical and Quantum Gravity,

-   The Early Universe and High Energy Physics,

-   Cosmic Structure Formation and Galaxies.


We encourage researchers with interest in the above areas to participate in the conference. Postdocs and PhD students are, in particular, welcome. Certain number of rooms is available at the IPM guesthouse inside the campus, which will be provided based on the urgency of need. More information can be found in the conference webpage at the website of  PSI

Registration deadline: 28 December 2018 (7 Dey 1397)
Deadline for article submission: 6 December 2018 (15 Azar 1397)

The School of Physics, IPM and the Physical Society of Iran (PSI) jointly organize this workshop.

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