Workshop on Physics of Polymers and Biopolymers
24 October 2013 (2 Aban 1392)
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran

Title of Lectures
 ●   M. R. Ejtehadi Dynamics of Polyelectrolytes in non-uniform electric fields
 ●   A. Fathizadeh Nano-mechanics of DNA in spherical confinement
 ●   H. Fazli Charged polymer brushes and bundles
 ●   Y. Mamasakhlisov RNA folding and the effects of sequence heterogeneity
 ●   F. Mohammad-Rafiee DNA elasticity and its application in DNA-protein interactions
 ●   L. Mollazadeh-Beidokhti Chromatin dynamics and its organization in the cell nucleus
 ●   A. Naji Electrostatics of DNA and DNA complexes
 ●   N. Nikoofard Dynamics of single polymers and polymer translocation


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