COMSOL Multi-physics General and Specialized Workshop
19 Mehr 1397 (11 October 2018)
 IPM, Tehran, Iran


With the approach of familiarizing physics, photonics, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering students with computational research.

COMSOL is a multi-physics software based on finite element analysis and it has the ability to model, as well as simulate, for physics-based problems using extended numerical solution methods. The simulation environment of COMSOL facilitates all the steps in the simulation process including geometry definition, meshing, solving, and Visualize and analyze final results. Using this software, it is possible to analyze processes involving multiple physics and coupled problems with different modules. COMSOL provides a workflow for physical, optical, electrical, mechanical, fluid, and chemical applications. It also has the ability to link with other engineering software such as Matlab, Solidwork, Inventor, etc. COMSOL was started in July 1986 by Svante Littmarck and Farhad Saeidi at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden.


Workshop headings
General Part:

Ali Dabirian 

-    Introduction to numerical and computational methods in physics

-   Simulation as a research tool in applied physics 

Behrooz Eftekharinia

·            -   Introducing the COMSOL software and various simulation capabilities

·            -   COMSOL installation tutorials on windows and Linux

·            -   Introducing COMSOL Software Modules 

·            -  The principles of simulating a piece in COMSOL software


Specialized Part:

Ali Dabirian

-   Simulation of Light Management in Solar Cells

-   Photoelectrochemical cell photoanode simulation for solar hydrogen generation

Behrooz Eftekharinia

·           -   Simulation of metal nanoparticles and analysis of their absorption, dispersion and

                plasmonic properties

·           -   Simulation of photonic-plasmonic waveguides and resonators


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