The Important Role of Foundational Physics in the Future Evolution of Science
19-20 December 2017 (28-29 Azar 1396)
 IPM, Tehran, Iran


This two-days conference on the important role of foundational physics in the future evolution of science will be hold on 19 and 20 December, 2017 at School of Physics, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM), Tehran. The event is devoted to researchers and interested students to discuss and debate on fundamental issues in quantum physics, particle physics, cosmology, and fundamental issues in biophysics such as life and consciousness.

The conference covers the following topics:

 - Interpretations of  the Standard and Bohmian Quantum Theories.
- Measurement Problem in  the Standard Quantum Theory.
- The Concept of Nonlocality and Related Experiments.
- Fundamental Problems on the Road to a Theory of Everything.
- Fundamental Problems in Particle Physics and Cosmology.
- Quantum Cognition and Quantum Effects in Biology.
- The Role of Physics in Explaining Life and Consciousness.


Registration deadline paper Submission: 30 Aban 1396      10 Azar 1396

Registration deadline: 10 Azar 1396

Registration fee for students: 50,000 Tomans
Registration fee for others: 70,000 Tomans

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