Recent Progress in Two-dimensional Systems
9th October 2014 (17 Mehr 1393)
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran


A one-day workshop on "Recent Progress in Two-dimensional Systems" is planned by the "Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics" group of IPM to be held on 9 October 2014 at IPM (Tehran). This workshop is intended to provide advanced research information about the on-going activities in some of the hottest subjects in condensed matter physics and materials science. Two-dimensional structures differ in some properties from their three-dimensional counterparts due to the impact of quantum confinements, the effect of geometry change due to the dimensionality reduction and the effects of the chemical bonds and mechanical changes. In particular, graphene monolayer is becoming a cutting edge material that opens up new horizons to a whole new variety of possibilities beyond the limited current applicability of graphene. The aim of this workshop is to review on the current state-of-art of studying and rationalizing the quite disperse subjects in two-dimensional materials beyond graphene, such as, MoS2, silecene, topological insulators, phosphorene and two-dimensional electron gas in oxide interfaces.  

Registration Deadline: 2 October 2014(10 Mehr 1393)
Registration fee: 30000 Tomans

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