2nd IPM Conference on
Soft Matter, Biological and Statistical Physics

25 October 2013 (3 Aban 1392)
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran


This conference is intended to bring together active researchers in the areas related to Soft Matter, Biological and Statistical Physics and aims to provide a venue for the participants to discuss recent advances in various research topics, including physics of polymers and biopolymers, membranes, colloids, complex fluids, molecular motors, etc.

Interested participants are welcome to submit original research papers which will be presented in the form of poster in the conference. A few contributions will be selected for short contributed talks. All contributions will be subject to a review process and upon acceptance will appear in an electronic conference proceeding.

Registration deadline: 12 October 2013 (20 Mehr 1392)
Deadline for paper submission: 2 October 2013 (10 Mehr 1392)
Registration fee: 35,000 Tomans

مهلت ارسال مقالات تا 20 مهرماه 1392 تمديد گرديد.

Instructions for preparing and submitting papers (sample pdf , sample doc)

راهنماي تهيه و ارسال مقاله (sample pdf و sample doc).


جهت ثبت‌نام در "كارگاه آموزشي فيزيك پليمرها و پليمرهاي زيستي" كه يك روز پيش از اين كنفرانس (2 آبان 1392) برگزار مي‌شود به اين آدرس مراجعه كنيد. (هزينه شركت در اين كنفرانس براي كساني كه در  كارگاه مذكور نيز شركت ‌كنند همراه با تخفيف ويژه 150,000 ريال مي‌باشد.)


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