2nd IPM Conference on
Soft Matter, Biological and Statistical Physics

25 October 2013 (3 Aban 1392)
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran

Title of Talks
 ●   K. Aghababaei Samani Stability of Synchronization
 ●   A. Lohrasebi Computational modeling the effects of GHz electric field on the operation of some protein motors
 ●   M. Maleki Pattern formation in drying colloid drops
 ●   Y. Mamasakhlisov The phase behavior of mixtures of polymers with carbon nanotubes
 ●   S. M. Hashemi &
      F. Mohammad-Rafiee
The Mechanical Response of a Biological Membrane due to the Binding of a Cylindrical Object and Considering effects of Cytoskeleton
 ●   B. Shakiba &
      F. Mohammad-Rafiee
Modelling Ribosome Dynamics from Translocation to Frameshifting
 ●   V. Morozov Generalized model of the polypeptide chain
 ●   A. Najafi Fluctuation based directed motion
 ●   M.R. Rahimi-Tabar &
      N. Nafari

Ab initio linear scaling calculations of water molecules at phospholipid interfaces, Quantum Molecular dynamics and ab-initio Monte Carlo

 ●   Sh. Tonoyan

Theoretical description of solvent effects in helix-coil transition
(Delivered by V. Morozov)



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