Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Group
Workshop on Nanoscale Heat Transport
26-27 Farvardin 1394 (
15-16 April 2015)
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran

Title of Talks  
T. Ala-Nissila Thermodynamics and work in open quantum systems Voice Note Photo
R. Asgari Electronic cooling in multilayer epitaxial graphene Voice Note Photo
G. Benenti Fundamental aspects of steady state heat to work conversion Voice Note Photo
G. Casati Control of the heat flow: from thermal rectifiers to thermoelectric efficiency Voice Note Photo
Sh. Chen Non-integrability and the Fourier heat conduction law Voice Note Photo
A. Gh. Moghaddam Thermoelectric effects and caloritronics in graphene Voice Note Photo
D. He

Thermal expansion and its impacts on thermal transport

Voice Note Photo
M. Pourfath Thermal Transport and Thermoelectric Propertiesof Graphene Nanoribbons Voice Note Photo
H. Rezania Role of spin on the thermal conductivity of low dimensional magnetic insulator Voice Note Photo
H. Zhao Transport and relaxation in one-dimensional momentum conserving systems Voice Note Photo


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