Title of School Lectures

Mohsen Alishahiha & Eva Silverstein

bulletLectures on de Sitter, models and duals (Audio)

Ignatios Antoniadis 

bulletMagnetic fluxes, moduli stabilization and split supersymmetry (Audio 1, 2)

Alexander A. Belavin

bulletN-point functions in 2d gravity (Audio 1, 2)

Mohammad R. Garousi  

bulletD-brane, anti D-brane effective action (Audio)

bulletCosmology from rolling massive scalar field in KKLT model

Albion Lawrence   

bulletD-branes on Calabi-Yau spaces (Audio 1, 2, 3)

Soo-Jong Rey  

bulletHolographic reconstruction of weakly coupled gauge theories. (Audio 1, 2, 3)

Ashoke Sen  (Lecture Notes: 1, 2, 3, 4)

bulletBlackholes and elementary string states (Audio 1, 2, 3, 4)

Eva Silverstein & Mohsen Alishahiha

bulletLectures on de Sitter, models and duals (Audio 1, 2, 3)

Mohammad Mahdi Sheikh-Jabbari

bulletTiny graviton Matrix theory (Audio 1, 2, 3)

David Tong

bulletClassical and quantum solitons and the relationship to confinement 
             and stringy models of gauge theory (Audio 1, 2)

Alexey Zamolodchikov

bulletLiouville field theory and 2d gravity (Audio 1)


Title of Workshop Talks (Seminars are 45 minutes)

Ahmad Ghodsi 

bulletBraneworld Cosmology (Audio)

Fawad Hassan  

bulletSUSY and D-branes in Nappi-Witten background (Audio)

Norihiro Iizuka 

bulletAn inflationary model in string theory (Audio

Jerzy Krol  

bulletModel theory and the AdS/CFT correspondence (Audio)

Farhang Loran 

bulletMinimally coupled scalars and the AdS/CFT correspondence

Shahin Mammadov 

bulletWorldline formalism application to AdS/CFT correlation functions (Audio)

Amir E. Mosaffa 

bulletNoncritical string theories and their gauge theory duals (Audio)

Shahrokh Parvizi  

bulletDeformed SUSY in Ads2xS2

Neda Sadooghi 

bulletAnomalies in noncommutative gauge theories (Audio)

Dariush Sadri 

bulletGiant Hedge-hogs (Audio)

El Hassan Saidi

bulletHyperbolic Invariance (Audio)

Mahdi Torabian 

bulletHalf BPS solutions of tiny graviton matrix theory (Audio)

Mohammad Hossein Yavartanoo   

bulletCosmological Solution from D-brane motion in NS5-Branes background (Audio)