Recent Trends in String Theory and Related Topics
7-11 May 2018 (17-21 Ordibehesht 97)
 IPM, Tehran, Iran


Welcome to the website of IPM workshop on “Recent trends in string theory and related topics”.

The purpose of this workshop is to gather researchers in selected areas of string theory and quantum gravity in order to share ideas and discuss recent developments.

This year, the workshop concentrates on the following topics:

·        - Geometric and quantum aspects of black holes
   - Holography: geometry and information
   - Symmetries and the IR structure of gauge theories and gravity
   - Exact results in QFT and string theory
   - Supergravity and its solutions

List of invited speakers includes:

     I. Gahramanov (Mimar Sinan Uni., Turkey)
     M. Geiller (Perimeter Inst., Canada)
     H. A. González (TUW, Austria)
     D. Grumiller (TUW, Austria)
     O. Lechtenfeld ( Leibniz U. Hannover)
     W. Merbis (ULB, Belgium)
     M. Mirbabayi (ICTP, Italy)
     G. Shiu (Wisconsin U. Madison)
     B. Tekin (METU, Turkey)
     A. Tomasiello (Uni. di Milano, Italy)
     S. Vaidya (IISc, Bangalore)
     D. Van den Bleeken (Bogazici U., Turkey)


We encourage researchers with interest in the above areas to join the program. Postdocs and PhD students are specially welcome. Accommodation is available at IPM guesthouse inside the campus. More information can be found in the registration section.

Registration deadline: 15 April 2018

This workshop is organized by School of Physics, IPM and sponsored by


The Office of President
Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology
Iran National Science Foudation


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