Farzan Prize Ceremony
 Farzan prize is created in 2016 named after late Prof Yaghoub Farzan of civil engineering department of Tabriz Univ and is funded through his heritage. The prize recognizes outstanding MSc students of physics with a potentially great prospect as a future world class physics researcher. The award consists of a certificate and a golden coin. This year the prize is awarded to Mr Reza Javadinejhad of Sharif Univ. and IPM and to Mr Mohammad Ansarifard of Sharif Univ. The award ceremony will take place on Saturday 25th of Ordibehesht (14th of May) which corresponds to the birthday of late Prof Farzan. The ceremony will start at 5 pm with a small reception. At 5:25 pm, a ten minute speech will be given by daughter of late Prof Farzan about the prize and its aspirations, followed by ten minute talks by award recipients. The ceremony will end by a short memorial video of late Prof. Farzan.
Everybody is welcome to attend the ceremony.
Venue: Lecture hall, first floor, Farmanieh St., Tehran

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Dr. Yasaman Farzan Talk
Opening speech by Dr. Yasaman farzan and Dr. Mahdi Golshani
Talk bt Reza Javadinezhad
Talk bt Mohammad Ansarifard
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