An International Scientific Recognition for Prof. Y. Farzan
 COMSTECH Life-Time Contributions Award in basic sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology) is awarded by the Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH) of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). The award is given every four years (physics and mathematics together, and the next two years chemistry and biology) to distinguished scientists and researchers living and working in one of the member states of OIC. As the award notation mentions, “These biennial awards’ laureates have been selected through a rigorous peer-review process, the 2023 awardees represent the pinnacle of scientific accomplishment across various disciplines. Their dedication has significantly advanced scientific knowledge and fostered innovation.” This year (2023) award in physics has gone jointly to Prof. Yasaman Farzan of IPM and Prof. Asghari Maqsood of Pakistan. The award ceremony will be held in one of the COMSTECH meetings OIC member state Science ministry meetings. For more info
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