Scientific Recognition for a Researcher of the school of physics:

Prof. Nima Khosravi of Shahid Beheshti Uni. and IPM has won the Buchalter Cosmology Prize for 2016.
The Buchalter Cosmology Prize is an annual prize that seeks to stimulate ground-breaking theoretical, observational, or experimental work in cosmology that has the potential to produce a breakthrough advance in our understanding.” In 2016, the $10,000 First Prize was awarded to Dr. Nima Khosravi of Shahid Beheshti University for his work entitled “Ensemble Average Theory of Gravity” recognized by the judging panel as “a novel proposal that suggests new ways to approach outstanding problems in gravitational physics, weighting the contribution of different self-consistent theories of gravity to show that different theories may prevail in different environments in the Universe.”

In his work, Arxiv Link, Nima puts forward the idea that all theoretically consistent models of gravity should play a role in the finally observed gravity force. This idea basically says one should take ensemble average of all the consistent models of gravity. Nima could show that in an example of this idea one can get a modified gravity model which behaves same as Einstein-Hilbert (EH) case for very large curvatures. But the smoking gun will be very low-curvature regime where gravity is less than EH and may explain dark energy. There is also an intermediate-curvature regime where gravity is larger than EH’s prediction which can affect the structure formation of dark matter.


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