IPM-INIC mini workshop on
Graphene and its applications

12th October 2014 (20 Mehr 1393)
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran


Graphene, the leading example of a two-dimensional crystalline materials, is exceptionally conductive of electricity and heat. Recently, there has been a surge of activity to elucidate the rich physics of graphene, which is now becoming one of the most interesting as well as the most fast-moving topics in condensed matter physics, and its potential applications in two-dimensional nanodevices.

This activity is jointly organized by the School of Physics of the IPM and the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) in Tehran, Iran based on Asia Nano Forum programs. The aim of this mini-workshop is to review the recent advances in the physics of graphene especially those that have been achieved in Iran. 

No registration is required.

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