IPM school and workshop on Particle Physics (IPP14): 
Leptogenesis and dark matter
School of Physics, IPM, Tehran, Iran
September 21st, 2014
    (30 Shahrivar, 1393)    


Baryon asymmetry of the universe is one of the unresolved mysteries in the field of particle physics and cosmology. Within leptogenesis scenarios, this mystery is linked with another mystery: That is the smallness of neutrino masses. Nature of dark matter and nature of neutrino masses (Majorana vs Dirac) are other unresolved mysteries.  The aim of the present meeting is to review the recent developments in these fields with a focus on their intersection. The meeting will cover various topics including:

- Leptogenesis

- Dark matter candidates

- Dark matter searches

- Neutrinoless double beta decay

In the morning, we shall have a lecture on leptogenesis. We will then have a workshop  in the evening.

The meeting will take place in the new building at Farmanieh. The address of the meeting venue can be found in the following link.


No registration or registration fee is required. Lunch will not be served for participants. 
If you want to stay in the guesthouse please inform us before  Shahrivar 1st (August 23rd) by sending an email to The accommodation fee for each night is 400000 Rls and should be paid in cash. Two people will be accommodated in each room. Breakfast is included.


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