IPM school and conference on Particle Physics (IPP15): Neutrino physics, dark matter and B-physics
 School of physics, IPM, Tehran, Iran
 22-27 September 2015 (31st Shahrivar-5th Mehr 1394)   

The origin of neutrino mass and the nature of dark matter are two main unsolved puzzles in particle physics. They are generally considered the main windows towards physics beyond the Standard Model of the elementary particles. To deepen our understanding of neutrino physics and dark matter,
various experiments all over the globe are designed to study their behavior. Another window towards new physics is flavor physics in both lepton and quark sector. The aim of the present meeting is to study the recent developments in these fields with a focus on their intersection. The meeting will cover various topics including:

- Neutrino mass models

- Neutrino experiments

- Dark matter candidates

- Dark matter searches

- Higgs physics

- Flavor physics

- Signature of MSSM at the LHC

- Various models of the Higgs and electroweak symmetry breaking.

The meeting will start with a three day school and will end with a two day conference. Background knowledge of quantum field theory and particle physics (specially basics of neutrino physics) are required. There will be a poster session for graduate students to present their results. Posters have to be in English. Graduate students in the field of high energy and particle physics are encouraged to participate.

The meeting will take place in the new building at Farmanieh. The address of the meeting venue can be found in the following link.


Registration deadline: July 22, 2015



Important notice for those who need visa:

Please fill in this form and send it along with the scanned copy of the first page of your passport to before July 22, 2015 The passport has to be valid for (at least) 6 months after the meeting.


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