Correlations in Low-Dimensional Electron Liquids

     The main activity of this group is addressed to the study of phase diagrams, quantum phase transitions, electron-pair correlation functions, and effective electron-electron interactions in systems of electrons having dimensionality D = 3, 2, and D = 1. Many of the electron-electron interaction effects in simple metals and semiconductors can be understood by reference to the homogeneous electron-gas model. A central role is played by the electron-pair distribution functions $g^{\sigma \sigma'} (r)$. An accurate knowledge of this function is crucial for applications of density functional theory in various schemes that have been proposed to transcend the local density approximation in the construction of exchange and correlation energy functional. Early our calculations of the pair distribution functions in the 3D and 2D electron gas were based on the use of a Bijl-Jastrow correlated wave function. These early results were confirmed with the advent of the Quantum Monte Carlo techniques, which have produced a wealth of accurate data on correlation and response functions over a wide range of coupling strength for both the 3D and the 2D in quantum liquids case. In our last work , we introduce a model for an effective potential to improve the one which enters the Fermi hypernetted chain equations. Our study is limited to the 2D system in which the correlation effects are stronger and most of the approximations fail to give good results for the pair correlation function even in the intermediate coupling region. We have used this accurate knowledge of the pair distribution functions to study the magnetic phase diagram of the 2D electron gas. The paramagnetic-to-ferromagnetic quantum phase transition has been recently predicted to occur at a value of rs≈25 in close agreement with state-of-the-art QMC simulation results.

In summary, our main research activities are as follows:
- Many-Body Physics in Electron Liquid Systems,
- Electronic Properties of Graphene,
- Computational Physics and Simulations,
- Localizations,
- Strongly Correlated Systems,
- One Dimensional Cold Atom Physics.

 We invite " researchers or PhD students"  who are interested in working on these subjects to collaborate.


   -   R. Asgari  (Full time)
   -   F. Parhizgar (Postdoc)
   -   N. Nafari (Part time)
   -   S. Abedinpour (Part time)
   -   A. Esmailpour, (Part time, Shahid Rajaei U.)
   -   A. Ghorbanzadeh (Part time)
   -   M. Zare PhD Student (IPM)


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