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81. M. Alimohammadi,
Generalized 2D Yang-Mills Theories: Large-N Limit and Phase Structure
Turk. J. Phys. 24(2000), 193-203, TUBITAK, Regional Conference on Mathematical Physics IX, Feza Gursey Institute, Istanbul, August 1999.
82. R. Gerami and M.R. Ejtehadi,
A History-Dependent Model for Predator-Preg Problem
Annual reviews of Computational Physics VIII (pp. 1-8), 2000
83. B. Farrokhi and D.D. Tskhakaya,
Crystal-Like Structure in Dusty Plasmas
International Topical Conference on Plasma Physics: Frontiers of Nonlinear Sciences, Faro, Portugal, 6-10 September 1999
84. M.E. Fouladvand and H. Woo Lee,
An Exactly Solvable Two-Way Traffic Model with Ordered Sequential Update
Proceedings of Traffic and Granular Flow ' 99, Social Traffic, and Granular Dynamics, 407-412
85. B. Maraghechi, S. Mirzanejhad and A. Tavakoli,
Magnetoresanance in Free Electron Lasers with Electromagnetic and Magnetostatic Wiggler
Proceeding of 1998 International Congress on Plasma Physics,Prague, Czech Republic,22c(1998),2844-2847
86. A. Shafiekhani and M.R. Rahimi Tabar,
Logarithmic Operators and the W-Algebra
Proc. Inauguration Conference of the Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics Current Topics in Physics, Vol. 2, 699-703
87. D.D. Tskhakaya, A. Tavakoli and L. Hadzievski,
The Rayleigh-Taylor Instability of the Finite Width Density Transition Layer
19th Summer School and International Symposium on the physics of Ionized Gases (19th SPIG), 753-756
88. A. Tavakoli and D.D. Tskhakaya,
The Rayleigh-Taylor Instability of Density Transition Layer
1998 ICPP & 25th EPS Conf. On Contr. Fusion and Plasma Physics, Praha, 29 June-3 July. ECA, Vol. 22C (1998) 2121-2124
[abstract] link: physics/9802011 [ abs, src, ps, others], cited by
89. N. Hamedani, M. Yahyanejad, H. Seyed Allaei, V. Shahrezaei and M.R. Ejtehadi,
Preferred Structures and Monomer-Monomer Interaction
Proc. Mont Carlo approach to Biopolymers and protein folding
90. F. Ardalan, H. Arfaei and M.M. Sheikh-Jabbari,
Mixed Branes and M(atrix) Theory on Noncommutative Torus
Proceedings of the Sixth International symposium Particles, Strings and Cosmology (PASCOS98), 653-656
[abstract] link: hep-th/9803067 [ abs, src, ps, others], cited by

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