High Energy Theory Group



Theoretical High Energy Physics (HEP-TH) deals with developing theoretical and mathematical frameworks needed in physical model buildings, especially in particle physics and cosmology areas, and/or addressing the issues and shortcomings of the existing frameworks. Currently Einstein's General Relativity  (GR) and Quantum Field Theory (QFT) constitute the foundations upon which our particle physics and cosmology is built. Solutions to GR are typically singular (like black holes and in Big Bang cosmology) and our knowledge of QFT is generically limited to the weakly coupled regime where perturbation theory is applicable. Moreover, there are regimes of physical interest where Quantum Theory and GR should be put together like black holes and around Big Bang. And, we do not have a satisfactory way to combine Quantum Theory and GR. 


There are many ideas and proposal for developing a framework which can address the above mentioned issues in QFT and in GR. In our HEP-TH group we are exploring questions regarding the basic structure of spacetime, physics of black holes, and aspects of quantum information theory in QFT and also in fabric of spacetime,  

The HEP-TH group of IPM consists of :

Full Time Researchers:

  -  M. Alishahiha, M.M. Sheikh-Jabbari

Part Time Researchers: 

 ●  Resident
  -  H.R. Afshar, K. Babaei, M.H. Vahidinia
Postdoctoral Research Associates
  -  A. Allahyari (Externally funded), F. Omidi (Externally funded), H.R. Safari, V. Taghiloo, A.S. Parvizi, E. Ebrahimian (Externally funded), S. Pourojaghi (Externally funded), S. N. Sajadi (Externally funded)
Research Students:
  -  M. Najafizadeh
Research Interests:

The research interests of the group span almost all the lively areas in the field such as:
Noncommutative physics, AdS/CFT correspondence and its variants, string cosmology, dS holography, tachyon physics, etc.


   1.   http://www.superstringtheory.com
   2.   http://www.arxiv.org
   3.   http://www.slac.stanford.edu/spires/hep


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