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How to Reach IPM from the Airport
Important Notes

   ●   You may find banks to exchange major currencies at the Airport. 
        An approximate currency exchange rate is 1US$~33000 Rls and 1€~42000 Rls.

   ●   Please note that standard credit cards e.g. Visa, Master or AmEXP, cannot be used in Iran.

   ●   Do not forget to declare your foreign currency of more than 5000 dollars before leaving the customs area.

   ●   Exchanging currencies other than US dollars or Euros is not as straightforward. So, please remember to carry your
        money in these two currencies.

   ●   Note in Iran weeks start from Saturday & Friday is the official holiday. Thursdays many governmental offices are closed.

Useful Maps

   ●   For an Interactive map of Tehran click here 

   ●   For the map of the neighborhood of Physics School click here and for the map of other Departments and buildings of
        IPM click here

   ●   For useful information about Provinces and cities of Iran click here 

Electrical Appliance

   ●   The electricity supply in Iran works at 220 V and 50 Hz. There are European standard sockets.

Tourist Information
   ●   You may find the information of Iranian cities in this site:
   ●   You may find weather forecast of Iranian cities in this site:
   ●   You may find the address of the restaurants close to IPM here

   ●   For more restaurant options in Tehran you may see:

Contact Us
   ●   School of Physics executive manager: Ms. Niloufar Pileroudi
        E-mail: niloufar (at)

   ●   Please take note of addresses, telephone and fax numbers as below:
        Farmanieh Building, next to Kouhe Nour Building, Farmanieh Av.
        IPM, P .O. Box 19395-5531,Tehran, Iran
        Tel:      +98 (21) 22 28 06 92, 22 29 09 34
        Fax:     +98 (21) 22 28 04 15 

                                     Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any problem. 

   ●   Upon arrival the most convenient way to reach IPM is to take a taxi at the airport directly to IPM. 

   ●   Please show the address to the driver. The address may be found here
        (Usually the drivers do not speak or read English.) 

   ●   The taxi fare is about 300,000 Rls. (from Mehrabad Airport)

   ●   The taxi fare is about 650,000 Rls. (from Imam Khomeini Airport)
        Don't forget to ask for a receipt.

   ●   Make sure to take the official airport taxies which have representatives in the airport. 


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