Foundations of Physics Group, School of Physics, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)

The foundations of physics is a field which deals with fundamental problems of physics, and is entangled with philosophical problems, although it is not completely philosophical. Fortunately, foundational problems of physics have recently attracted the attention of some of the first rate physicists of our time. In fact, it has been the research on some of the foundational problems that has led to the development of some new fields, such as quantum information and quantum computers. The fast developments in these areas and the promise of their future applications in areas such as quantum field theory, in early universe and cosmology, condensed matter physics, nano-sciences, chemistry, and biophysics, indicates a bright future in these areas.

Currently, the main themes of research of the group include:

   • Entanglement and Non-locality
   • Reality and Contextuality in physics
   • Fundamental problems in Early Universe and Cosmology
• Fundamental problems in Quantum Gravity and Quantum Filed Theory
   • Bohmian Quantum Mechanics
   • Quantum Effects in Biological Systems
   • Quantum Decohernce and Quantum to Classical transition
Quantum Mechanics and Macro systems
   • Foundations of Physics and Information Theory 
- Foundations of Physics and its Application in Quantum Information Theory 
                 II- Physics, consciousness and information
                 III- Physics, information and philosophy

For further information about our group and research activities and a complete list of our current and former members, please see our group's homepage .


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